Adam & Eve Clit Sensitizer
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Makes it easier to orgasm by increasing the sensitivity of your clit! Exclusive item only available from Adam & Eve! I was skeptical about whether this would actually make a difference, but it absolutely increases sensitivity. Just a dab on my finger made getting "there" so much faster. -Adam & Eve customer Ladies, its time to stop pretending and start enjoying real orgasms thanks to our new clit sensitizer! Cream increases the sensitivity of nerves in the clitoris This makes even slight touches feel incredibly erotic and sensual Hyper-stimulating your clitoris makes it easier to have an orgasm Rub a small dab around your clitoris roughly 10-15 minutes during sex Cream comes in a 0. 5 oz jar with screw top Jar contains enough cream for dozens of applications and even more orgasms Results may vary depending on a number of factors Adam & Eves Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer is just what you need to boost your sexual confidence, discover the magic of orgasms and start enjoyi...
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