X-10 Beads
by: California Exotic Novelties

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  • Info: Sturdy but pliable graduated jelly beads with ring shaped handle. You'll sing your way to the top of the pop charts.
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Catalina Collection by California Exotic Novelties You want a futuristic-looking toy... ... that also feels fantastic? That's what you get with the X10 Beads. These anal beads are made of firm, smooth jelly which makes them more comfortable to use -- not to mention easier to clean after play! In fact, the entire length, including the retrieval handle, is all one continuous string of sturdy, pliable jelly -- a very nice perk for those who worry about breakage with the usual nylon cording. These beads are also more graduated than most, making this a great toy for the anal beginner, as well as the anal expert. The handle is large enough to comfortably hold onto, but make sure you do... as it is extremely pliable! As with any anal toy, use lots of lube for the ultimate pleasure experience! Reviews: I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend, but it's turned out to be a gift for me. We only take it out as a special treat -- for both of us -- when we really want an over-the-top session. Using them on me, he gets so turned on by the "popping" action of the beads going in and out, and watching my reaction as he goes faster and faster until I'm totally out of control with pleasure.
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