Midas 18k Gold-plated Locking Chastity Cage
by: XR Brands

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This 18K Gold-Plated Locking Chastity Cage is the perfect gift for your special submissive or lover. Keep them locked up, but with exquisite care and high-class style! With 18k gold plating, this stainless steel cage is also durable, strong, and long-lasting. It's non-porous so it can be exposed to any lubricant type without concern and is easy to clean with soap and water or specific cleaning fluids. It has a cum-thru open tip for extended chastity play so the wearer can urinate, shower, and any fluids that come out of their body will not be stuck at the head of the cage. With two different, graduated rings to choose from, you'll find your perfect fit but make sure to measure yourself accurately beforehand. The rings fit around the shaft and the balls, nestled directly against the pubic area. There are two identical keys included; one to wear around the keyholder's neck and the other kept safe in case of emergencies as a back-up. Have your partner, the keyholder, put the cage on your flaccid shaft. If it's difficult to push the shaft into the cage, use a string around the corona and weave it through the cum-thru tip so you can pull it into the cage rather than trying to push it inside. A little lube helps it slip inside, as well. Make sure you have the right size ring on and you slip it over first; insert one testicle, then the next, then the penis last just as if you are putting on a cock-ring. Then follow that with the cage and place it on as described above. Once it's on, lock it into place. The weight of it gently pulls down against your shaft and is heavy against your balls. The cold metal begins to warm up to your body temperature. Even in low light, the gold shines so bright that you feel like your locked-up rod is expensive and valuable. Now, your keyholder places the key on a chain and wears it around their neck. You can't stop looking at them and the key; they hold your freedom and you must find out what you must do and endure to get it back! Measurements: Cage is approximately 3.4 inches in length. Cage opening is 1.3 inches x 1.2 inches. Ring diameters: 2.06 inches and 2.14 inches (52 and 54 mm). Materials: Gold-plated stainless steel Color: Gold
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